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This section is all about free information and your chance to ask health related questions for me to answer. If you want a specific topic to be addressed on this blog please request in the comments section below or be more discreet by emailing me, The blog posts are intentionally written in a blunt, no nonsense style with links to scientific research where appropriate.

If you disagree with any of the content of the blogs feel free to comment in the sections below each blog and I will try to reply to all comments that pose a question or critique. As mentioned above if you would rather keep your questions/critiques private please email Below is the list of blog posts to date:

September 2015 – Is Gluten Free Healthy?

Does every adult have arthritis?

Running, good or bad for you?

Whats up with that tape athletes wear?

October 2015

Plantar fasciitis, incurable or easy fix?

Tennis Elbow…but I don’t play Tennis?

November 2015

Black Friday 2015

December 2015

Super strong abs

January 2016

New Years Broken Promises

February 2016

Gardening season approaches

Sports training

April 2016

DNA Analysis

May 2016

DNA update

DNA results

June 2016

Eat like a champion



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