DNA Testing

Get the nutrition and exercise plan that’s right for you for just £220!

We are still doing DNA testing to assess your responses to exercise and nutrition but it has moved to the clinic in Paignton so can now only be booked by ringing Riviera Wellbeing on 01803 467444. Read below for more information on the product.


Fitness Diet Pro: £220. This includes the nutrition plan and fitness plan. This advice is based on your DNA so it will not change and you therefore will not need any further testing. (DNAFit price = £249)


DNA testing is the future of the diet, medicine and fitness industries. For years people have used trial and error to find the diet, medication or training program that suits them. This is fine if you are sufficiently dedicated enough to rigorous trial and error and you eventually hit upon the successful approach for you. However especially with respect to nutrition/dietary changes many people are confused by the abundance of claims for various different approaches i.e. low fat vs low carb vs Mediterranean diet etc.

DNA testing has the power to take the guesswork out of the equation for you. With a simple 1 minute cheek swab your DNA can be analysed to identify which type of diet you will respond best to, whether you have a raised need for certain vitamins & minerals, what mix of endurance and power training you would respond best to (regardless of your chosen sport), your soft tissue injury risk and your response to substances like alcohol, caffeine and salt.


The company I have chosen to work with for DNA testing is DNAFit. They were set up by one of the leading researchers in the field of nutrigenetics, Dr Keith Grimaldi. As such they are refusing to get caught up in the hype surrounding DNA testing so the genes (actually single nucleotide polymorphisms abbreviated as SNP’s, pronounced “snips”) they will test for you do not tell you about your risk of getting deadly diseases like cancer, heart disease etc. Instead the focus is on genes that you can control the function of through diet and/or exercise.

Also all the genes (SNP’s) tested must have multiple peer reviewed scientific studies to support their function before they are included in the reports you receive. This means you can have confidence in the effectiveness of the advice you are being given and you will never be told any scare stories about medical conditions you may suffer from. The tests do not have to be repeated so this is a one time purchase for the testing procedure and report/advice you receive as a result.

If you are interested but want more information first, either see the DNAFit website or my blogs about my own results for diet and exercise. If you have further questions email me: exsicc@gmail.com.