Black Friday Discount 2015


Yes just one week to go until it’s that time of year again when we wait impatiently outside shops and supermarkets ready to steam-roll over our own grandmothers just to get our hands on a £50 flat screen TV. The term Black Friday clearly comes from the good old US of A most likely beginning at least as early as 1961 in Philadelphia. The theory suggests local police named the day after thanksgiving day; “Black Friday” due to the huge number of people roaming the streets & shops on their extra day off work. This resulted in huge traffic jams, more accidents and generally more irritable people for the police to deal with. It officially marks the beginning of Christmas shopping season in America as it is still a day off for many employees.

Whilst it doesn’t appear to have started in the UK until 2003 (despite ASDA trying to claim it was them in 2013 and now getting all high and mighty about being over it) it has quickly been picked up by the media as a good source of sensationalist journalism. Some shops have adopted it others continue to resist it. Love it or hate it even in the UK it does seem to coincide well with the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and it is unlikely to disappear from the media now its become as big as it has. So why am I writing about it on a chiropractic and sports injuries blog?


No it has nothing to do with the injuries that inevitably occur from racing through supermarket aisles with your elbows sharpened as you see the last cheap laptop sat on the shelf between you and 5 other eager bargain hunters. Unfortunately I have decided that this phenomenon is here to stay so I am jumping on the band wagon with both feet and offering a Black Friday discount offer! I want to avoid it being a mad one day rush so the offer will actually be available for a whole 10 days from Friday 20th November 2015 (the one before black Friday) to Monday 30th November 2015. Bookings can be made via the website or by calling reception on 07710791434.

The Deal: Our normal price for an initial assessment including 30 minutes of treatment and a personalised report explaining the diagnosis and detailing a home exercise plan is £65.

If you book between Friday 20th November 2015 and Monday 30th November 2015 the price will be just £30.

After that period a Christmas and new year deal will remain available from Tuesday 1st December 2015 to Monday 1st February 2016. The price will not go back up to £65 it will instead be only £50.

That’s still fantastic value for money when you consider what you are getting;

  • 30-45 minute consultation resulting in diagnosis of your musculoskeletal problems

  • 30 minute first treatment session including manipulation and massage

  • At least a 2 page document explaining the diagnosis and what you can do to look after yourself at home and a home or gym exercise program

And if you refer a friend, when they have their initial assessment you will receive one free treatment so the savings just keep adding up!